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The subject of this article is from the inital release
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 14 July, 2020.


The Bar is the main hub area in Neon Abyss, where the player chooses a character, spends Faith Gems for Upgrades and starts a new run.

On the left side of the bar, the player can choose the Difficulty for the next run.

The elevator does currently not work in the live version, it is functional in the experiemental build though, taking the player either to the Office or the Basement.

While the Office currently serves no purpose, in the Basement you can see all the items/weapons/pets that you allready have picked up on your runs. You can try out items and their effects, as well as ban items for the next run.

At the counter, the player may spend faith gems to unlock new items and game rules.

At the stage, you can let your character dance to the music.

Next to the stage, you can choose what character to use for the next run.

Outside the bar, you can input a specific Seed for your next run if you like.

The Ancient Statue, once repaired will let you spend Faith Gems for some free items on your next run.