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The New Gods are a pantheon of gods themed after modern obsessions and are the bosses of Neon Abyss. Most New Gods have two or more phases triggered when reaching a certain amount of health that changes their attack patterns.

List of New Gods[edit | edit source]

Image Name
Charlie.png Charlie, God of Pills
George.png George, God of Pills
Tik.png Tik, God of Mobile Videos
Tok.png Tok, God of Mobile Videos
Sam.png Sam, God of Screens
Sung.png Sung, God of Screens
Johnny.png Johnny, God of Idols
Kimmy.png Kimmy, God of Idols
Block.png Block, God of Bittercoin
Chain.png Chain, God of Bittercoin
Freddie.png Freddy, God of Plushies
Tommy.png Tommy, God of Plushies
Hunt.png Hunt, God of Racing
Nick.png Nick, God of Racing
Colt.png Colt, God of Guns
Remington.png Remington, God of Guns
Mctucky1.png McTucky, God of Fast Food
Mcfamily.png McFamily, God of Fast Food
Daniel.png Daniel, God of Gambling
Phil.png Phil, God of Gambling

Managers[edit | edit source]

Managers are the most powerful New Gods, and the end bosses in each zone.

Argus, God of Darknet[edit | edit source]

There are no secrets on the internet! He has hidden in the dark corners to observe and control your devices and your life

Hal, God of Machines[edit | edit source]

Humans created machines to serve them but as machines became more intelligent they began to replace their creators' designs with their own. Who is the future?

Zeus, God of Electricity[edit | edit source]

As the core of energy of the modern world, electricity drives society and civilization as we know it. If we somehow lose electric power, the world will fall into darkness.

Ares, God of Violence[edit | edit source]

Throughout all stages of Civilization, anger and violence have been deeply rooted in human hearts. This primal instinct does not fade. (Once you find the Token of Violence in His Temple, you can find your way to Him.)

Athena, Goddess of Illusion[edit | edit source]

When true wisdom is concealed, humankind indulges themselves in illusion and loses their souls in the process. (Once you find the Token of Illusion in Her Temple, you can find your way to Her.)