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The subject of this article is from the inital release
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 14 July, 2020.

Skills are specials that usually come with certain weapons and give the player certain benefits for the cost of crystals.

Icon Name Description Crystals Used
Adrenaline.png Adrenaline [Active Item] Increased rate of fire in the current room. 2 Crystal.png
Arcane Book.png Arcane Book [Active Item] Fire a powerful energy ball. If the enemy is destroyed by the energy ball, it will drop crystals. 2 Crystal.png
Battle Flag.png Battle Flag [Active item] Increase gun's damage in the current room. 2 Crystal.png
Birthday Balloon.png Birthday Balloon [Active Item] Get a balloon that allows you to fly in the current room. 3 Crystal.png
Canned Spinach.png Canned Spinach [Active Item] You are strong enough to lift a box or barrel! Free
Chocolate.png Chocolate Box [Active Item] Get a random pickup. 3 Crystal.png
Palantir.png Crystal Ball Marks all secret rooms in current level. 5 Crystal.png
Energy Drink.png Energy Drink [Active Item] Collapse to the ground, causing impact damage. Free (2 sec cooldown)
Fighting Knife.png Fighting Knife [Active Item] Make a melee attack. Free
Fire Extinguisher.png Fire Extinguisher [Active Item] Dancing in the air. Free
Feather Bookmark.png Feather Bookmark Slow down your falling speed Free
Goblin Unlocker.png Goblin Unlocker [Active Item] You can use this tool instead of keys, but there is a chance it will explode. Free
Golden Hits.png Golden Hits [Active Item] Upgrade your gun while you're in this room. 3 Crystal.png
Happy Soap.png Happy Soap Slides backward a short distance. Free (2 sec cooldown)
Lightdiamond.png Light Diamond [Active Item] Pure light surrounds you! Be immune to damage for a short time. 3 Crystal.png
Lunch Box.png Lunch Box Store hearts and release them after use. No cost. (The higher the weapon level you have, the larger the capacity it has.) Free
Military Toolbox.png Military Toolbox [Active Item] Permanenently upgrade your weapon level. 5 Crystal.png 50 Item Coin.png
Pale Bottle.png Pale Bottle [Active Item] Store guard sprites and release them after use. (The higher weapon level you have, the larger the capacity is) X
Pizza Delivery.png Pizza Delivery [Active Item] Get half a heart. 5 Crystal.png
Power Bank.png Power Bank [Active Item] Get half a shield. 5 Crystal.png
Red Envelope.png Red Envelope [Active Item] You get an envelope when monsters dies which you can use to get coins based on the number of envelopes you have. (The higher weapon level you have, the more envelopes you can get.) 1 Crystal.png
Scarlet Bottle.png Scarlet Bottle Store evil sprites and release them after use. 0 Crystal.png
ScrollOfAlchemy.png Scroll of Alchemy Drop some random coins. 2 Crystal.png
Suicide Hotline.png Suicide Hotline Gain a random bomb. 5 Crystal.png
Tea Egg.png Tea Egg Spend 25 coins to get an egg. 1 Crystal.png
Virus Program.png Virus Program Gain a key. 5 Crystal.png
VoodooDoll.png Voodoo Doll [Active item] Detonate all marked enemies. 2 Crystal.png
Waveparticleduality.png Wave Particle Duality Blink to a short distance. Free (2 secs cooldown)
Wonderful Lamp.png Wonderful Lamp Open all locked chests and doors in this room. 5 Crystal.png
Wooden Cow.png Wooden Cow Summon a ladder. 3 Crystal.png
Wooden Horse.png Wooden Horse Summon a wooden barrel. 2 Crystal.png
WoolBall.png Wool Ball Roll forward for a short distance. Free (2 secs cooldown)