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Current Weapons[edit | edit source]

Neon Abyss includes many Weapons that can aid or kill the Player.

Icon Name Description Ability Type Output Rate of Fire Notes
Airgun 01.png Airgun It's so light, it's as if it doesn't exist. [Active] Slow down your falling speed. Normal Invisible Bullets Fast Infinite range.
BlackWidow.png Black Widow Hold your breath [Active] Roll forward a short distance. Charge Penetrating Bullets - -
Black Raven.png Black Raven The wisper in the dark... [Active] Detonate yourself! Cost half a heart and one crystal. Normal Laser Normal Infinite range. Shoot two lasers individually then reload for 2 seconds. The laser is piercing: you can hit multiple enemies in the same direction.
Death Ray.png Death Ray Gaze from the Abyss [Active Item] Order! Clear all bullets and damage all enemies in this room. Costs 1 bomb and 1 crystal.
[Active Item] Blink a short distance forward.
Charge Laser Slow Charge for a minimum of 1 second and release button press to emit a laser with infinite range.
Destiny.png Destiny It's up to you... or fate. [Active] Reroll your gun's variables. Try your luck! Randomly change the properties of this weapon. Costs 10 coins. Normal Bullets Slow -
Destroyer.png Destroyer Scream from hell. [Passive] Have a chance to get evil sprites each time you kill an enemy. Normal Small Lasers Fast -
Famine.png Famine Face your fear. [active] increase your fire of rate in the current room. Normal Tracking Bullets - Requires 1.7 second reload after 4 shots.
Firekiss.png Firekiss You know nothing. [Passive] The more hearts you have, the more bullets you can fire. Normal Bullets - Shoots two bullets.
Forge.png Forge Patience is also a weapon. [Active] You can lift a box or barrel! Charge Bullets Normal Charge up for more bullets.
Frostfire.png Frostfire Fear and Trembling! Charge and throw a frost bomb. X Charge Bullets Normal Charge and release to fire several ice grenades.
Giant Beast.png Giant Beast You must like this! But use it... cautiously. X Normal Rockets Normal -
Golden Ripple.png Golden Ripple A white lie. [Passive] When your bullets hit a coin, it may double, or disappear. [Active] Drop random coins. Normal Bullets - -
Golden Sam.png Golden Sam Power is more important than precision. [Active] Drop random coins. Normal Bullets Fast -
Guardian.png Guardian Good night, sleep tight. [Passive] You have a chance to get guardian sprites each time you kill an enemy. Normal Bullets Normal Bullets make circle movements instead of traveling straight.
Hawkeye.png Hawkeye I'm watching you! [Passive+Active] Enemies hit by this gun will be marked. You can detonate them all at once. Costs 2 crystals. Normal Bullets Normal -
Jimmy Gun.png Jimmy There are fish bones all over the place. [Passive] When your bullets hit the coin, it may double, or disappear. [Active] Drop Random Coins Normal Fishbones Normal Splitting bullets
Judgement.png Judgement Justice will be dispenced in 3...2... [Active] Get a key. Cost 5 crystals. Normal Bullets/Lasers Normal Shoots bullets while charging up to shoot a laser.
Keygun.png Keygun After recharging, launches a golden key. It can open all locks. X Charge Normal Slow Bullets can open all locks.
Light Dancer.png Light Dancer Dancing on the battlefield [Passive] This weapon deals melee damage.

[Active Item] Open all locked chests and doors in this room. Costs 5 crystals

[Active] Fire extinguisher: Fly freely. No cost

Normal Laser Beam Normal
Lullaby.png Lullaby Good night, sleep tight. [Active] Get a Sliver egg which won't ever hatch. Cost 5 crystals Normal Electric Normal Bullets make circle movements instead of traveling straight.
Melody.png Melody Looks ordinary, but hides a mysterious secret weapon X Normal Bullets Normal Matt's starter weapon
Messenger.png Messenger Delivering eternal romance. [Active] Upgrade your weapon in the current room. Normal Boomerang Normal -
Meteor.png Meteor Tears from heaven. [Active] You have a chance to open locks or hurt yourself. Normal Bullets Fast Shoots 3 bullets (9 bullets per second!)
Nebula.png Nebula There is a chance you might fire a laser. [Active] Drop random pickups. Cost some coins. Normal Bullets/Laser Normal Shoots 3 to 5 bullets with a random chance for a laser beam.
Noise2.png Noise The ideal of the past. [Active] Get an egg.
[Active] Summon a ladder.
Normal Bullets Normal Item has two different sprites.
Bullets split into three bullets at the end of their travel distance.
orion Orion All those moments will be lost in time... X Normal Laser Normal R-6's starter weapon.
Passenger.png Passenger Enjoy yourself! [Active] Damages all enemies in the room. Costs 3 crystals. Normal Bouncy Normal -
Pink Flame.png Pink Flame A soul burning in agitation. X Normal Bullets Normal Saya's starter weapon
Phantom.png Phantom Everything is... slowing... dowwwnnnn [Active] Slow down time. X Normal Bullets Slow
Plastic Gun.png Plastic Gun Refresh all items to pickups. [Active] Refresh all closed chests.
[Active] Refresh all items and pickups.
[Active] Refresh all items to pickups.
X Normal Normal Normal
Rainbow.png Rainbow Color the world! [Passive] Eggs will never hatch. Normal - Normal -
Rebel.png Rebel Listen to the call of your heart. [Active] Upgrade your weapon in the current room. Normal Small Lasers Fast -
Red Dragon.png Red Dragon The ultimate weapon...Destroy everything!! X Normal Homing Rockets Fast Shoots 2 homing rockets per shot up to 8 then reloads.
Seagull.png Seagull Waiting for your moment to burst from the clouds. X Normal Bullets Normal Anna's starter weapon
Sentinel.png Sentinel Added tracking modules but sacrificed the performance. [Active] Increases your fire of rate in the current room. Normal Tracking Bullets Slow -
NaWeapon Shadow.png Shadow Tiny letters inscribed on the barrel read: Wednesday. X Normal Bullets Normal Wade's starter weapon
Silver Moon.png Silver Moon Mysterious weapon from another dimension. [active] Drop down on stone objects and break them open (Chests, rocks, ect) Normal Laser - -
Song of Joy.png Song of Joy The most important thing in life is to be happy. [Active] Gain the ability to fly in current room.
[Active] Hatch an egg immediately.
[Active] You can fly in the current room.
Normal Bouncy Normal -
Soul Bringer.png Soul Bringer Unleash your potential! [Passive] This weapon deals melee damage.
[Active] Be invincible for a short time.
Normal Laser Normal Active ability grants iframes for 5 seconds. The laser fires as long as you hold down the trigger and you can adjust your aim while your fire.
Star Burst.png Star Burst The crystallization of future technology. X Charge Laser Slow -
Summer.png Summer Another one bites the dust. [Active] Summon a wooden box. Charge Music Notes Normal Orbiting the Player instead of shooting
Swallow.png Swallow Close your eyes. [Active] Drop random coins. Cost half a heart. Normal Bouncy Bullets Normal -
Terry Gun.png Terry There are fish bones all over the place. X Normal Fish bones Normal Splitting bullets
EighthColor.png The 8th Color A wizard's secret weapon. [Passive] Add an extra crystal container when your weapon is upgraded. Normal Stars
Bouncy Bullets
Normal Cycles through the 4 different projectiles.
TheBlaster.png The Blaster Patience, young grasshopper... Charge this before firing for a shot worth waiting for. X Charge Bullets Normal Click to fire. Hold to charge.
Thunder.png Thunder ROCK AND ROLL! [Passive] Your music deals melee damage to enemies!
[Active] Upgrade your gun level permanently.
Normal Musical Notes Normal Orbiting the player instead of shooting.
Triggerfish.png Triggerfish It has a dream... [Active] You can fish in pools of water.

[Active] Get an egg.

Normal Normal Normal Fire slow-moving bullets that travel in a spiral path.
Twins.png Twins Quantum entanglement technique [Active] Increase gun's damage on the current room. Cost 2 crystals. Normal Helix Bullets Normal Add one bullet for every upgrade
Vortex.png Vortex For Honor, for Atlantis! [Active] Spend hearts to get coins. Whip Beam Electric Normal X
WhiteFox.png White Fox Charming and dangerous. [Active] Fires an energy ball. Normal Normal, Star Normal For every bullet you get instead a star cape that appears when shooting, that is able to track and damage enemies in it's range.
Wild Wolf.png Wild Wolf More blood! [Passive] Each time an enemy is killed, this weapon's damage increases. Normal Bullets Normal Once you get hurt, it will return to it's original state.
Light Dancer.png Wind Blade Dancing on the battlefield. [Active Item] Pure light surrounds you! Be immune to damage for a short time. Cost 3 crystals.



Unobtainable Weapons[edit | edit source]

These are weapons that are in the code but are unobtainable within the current version of Neon Abyss.

Name Description Ability Type Output Rate of Fire Notes
April Is there any pizza left? X Normal Shurikens Normal Can return and double bullet counts for every upgrade
Blizzard You are unstoppable X Normal Penetrating Bullets Normal -
Energy Cannon Charge and shoot! X Charge Strong Bullets - -
Light of Galaxy The light of wisdom! X Charge Electric - Hit enemies and walls will make an electric ball
Nova Heritage from expedition X Normal and Charge Electric Between slow and normal -
Windstorm Crazy dancers in the battlefield X Normal Bullets Fast Sapnu puaS